Lensis Kozmetik ve Dış Ticaret Şirketi, which started its operations in 2003 in Central Istanbul, has achieved real success and perfection within the fields it operates in a short time.

About Us

Success and excellence stem from our company working in full harmony with all other companies that it does business with. Our company believes that success will be achieved when mutually adhering to universal ethical and moral values. Therefore, the win-win principle forms the basis of our company policy.

Lensis Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the sector, which has made a name for itself with the trust it has given to other companies in which it does business both in export and import.

Lensis Kozmetik ve Dış Tic. Şti. FMCG works with leading brands in the industry and sells the products we supply by operating in various sectors, mainly in the cosmetics, cleaning, food and housekeeping sectors.

As a result of the works carried out with many foreign trade companies on three continents, it provides goods with reliable and honest service under suitable conditions for many companies that are both production and direct sales.

We strive to develop better service, better quality and qualified products, more affordable prices, more devoted collaborations, and advanced projects for all the sectors we operate in every new day.

Apart from this information, we are happy to serve you as soon as possible from the moment you reach us for any information you want to learn about our company.

We hope to reach better and better always with you.

Our Mission

As Lensis Kozmetik ve Dış Ticaret Şirketi, it offers a reliable commercial environment by providing high quality and reasonable price service in all our business activities in the axis of customer orientation.

Providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with timely supply of the best quality products and after-sales support in both domestic and international markets in various sectors, especially cosmetics, personal care, cleaning, housewares and food,

Establishing a strong and sustainable partnership with our customers, constantly reviewing the product categories in order to respond to their changing demands, diversifying the product range and making the necessary investments,

We aim to find new markets and customers to increase our contribution to the country's exports and regional economy.

Our Vision

We aim to become an international company by rising with our commercial partners, thanks to the strong contacts we establish with global contact points.

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